Whispers In The Wind ~ Poem

Having not shared poetry before and never writing it anymore, today’s Daily Prompt prompted me to revive an oldie from storage tucked deep inside my trusty, dusty “closet.” Or so I thought … . I didn’t know that I had it in me to lift and pilfer so many heavy boxes, only to find the poetry sitting out on a shelf. ~Sigh~ Now that I’ve found it, uh-oh, more are bound to come.

I can’t fathom how many times I have packed and carted these with me over the course of thirty-years moving – there were more than I can count right now – oh, how many closets they have seen. One day I’ll have to count those and write about the art of moving.

This was in reflection of my Mother shortly after she’d passed. She was a strong woman whose voice, it always seemed, got lost in the sadness of the winds of life that swirled around her. The “little ones” referred to are now well-known to me, grown adults themselves and, praise God, I’ve lived to see their little ones, too.

The journey of life is an amazing one.



Whispers In The Wind

Dedicated to the woman who conceived my very soul

ah – so many, many years ago –

though then she knew me not;

and to the child who sparks my life

carrying on the strife-filled song

of Kentucky’s bluegrass, ‘blue’ blood line.

And to the little ones who will yet follow,

whom I have yet to know,

just as I was once unknown.

~ ©Karen Suzanne ~


Inspired by WordPress Daily Prompt, “Whisper.”

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