A Force to be Reckoned With

The grand essentials of happiness are something to do, something to love and something to hope for.

Isn’t that the human condition in a nutshell.

We can lose ‘something to do’ with hope that we will have something to do again; and we can lose ‘something to love’ with hope that we will love again. But if we lose ‘something to hope for’ we lose it all.hope1

Hope is the inertia that moves us forward. It’s like navigating an overgrown swamp in a motor boat. If the motor fails we’re not going anywhere and a swamp can be a pretty scary place to be in a boat without a motor. Having something to do and something to love without something to hope for is a most scary place to be.

If you’ve ever lost hope you know what a black hole of worthlessness that is. I seriously question if any of us could sustain living without hope. The times I thought I’d lost all hope I found myself clinging to the hope that I would hope again. My journal is full of the word ‘hope,’ as yours probably is, too. Hope is a tremendously powerful and mysterious thing.

Sometimes we can find our hopes so dashed that we make a conscious decision to opt-out of hoping. We set it aside thinking that’ll solve all the pain of our disappointments. Then we find ourselves hoping to lose hope but the next thing we know we’re hoping for ‘something’ again. Hope is an inhuman super power within us that must be reckoned with.

Some have more hope than others. Maybe our hopes aren’t realistic or maybe we fulfill our every hope simply because we so strongly believe in hope’s possibilities. Sometimes we get more than we hoped for. Sometimes we hope so much about so many things that our lives become one big churning conglomerate of nothing but fresh hopes. Hope is the beacon that directs every life decision.

What gives us hope? Our inner most determination, against all hope? Life’s pleasures? Instinctual survival? Or is hope simply part of the beating pulse of every breath we take? I think the latter. As long as it is such an integral part of us, we might as well use our force for good.

What are the things you most hope for? I suspect every answer each of us could give has something to do with ‘something to do’ or ‘something to love.’


In response to WordPress Daily Prompt, “Hope.” The quote is attributed to different authors, Alexander Chalmers and Joseph Addison being two.

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