Celebration Time, Come On! (Music Vid)

Remember this song? I love it!

After moving here and with no customary rituals of family gatherings on holidays, I was lost as to just how I was supposed to celebrate those? How the heck do you celebrate by yourself? Can it even be done or was I supposed to relent to my elderly aunt’s theory, “ehh, every day of the year is the same.” That didn’t feel right. I wasn’t ‘there’ yet.

celebrateI hadn’t learned fixings-for-one so the first holiday I cooked up a storm just as I would any other and handed out paper plates full to neighbors in the same boat. Apparently they’d subscribed to my aunt’s theory of what I was still determined could be done. I mean, you have to admit. It’s pretty hard to celebrate with just yourself, but if nothing else kitchen cleanup put me right back in the moment.

The next holiday was Thanksgiving and by then I had a dog. She’s an adorable little princess of a small bred Golden Doodle and look at those eyes, aren’t they determined, too? She must get that from me [blushing smile]. Hmmm, now that I look closer they could be saying, “if you like your hand you’ll get that selfie-taker out of my face.”

CC16.2 (2)A-hem. I digress.

What a great idea to train her to sit at our Thanksgiving table with paws in place for grace and me ever so properly dishing out portions, wouldn’t that be cute and laughable? Does ‘cute and laughable’ not a celebration make? I think it does. Well, like that was ever going to happen. As much as I love dogs and children, training them was never my forte’.

I went all out anyway, from cooking turkey to homemade noodles and mashed potatoes, signature green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, and a freshly baked pie. With a spoonful of each on her just-right-sized plate, my little best buddy licked it clean. What you have to appreciate is, this Golden Doodle is like a picky-eating child, so I considered her gobbling cleanup a compliment on high. Now that was reason for celebration.

This dog is so picky that, like any other, she’ll drive you crazy with cold, hard stares wanting whatever you’re eating. When I hand a bite of my food out to her she sniffs for a full 15-seconds before taking it, like I’m trying to poison her or something. Hmph. Tees me off sometimes.

Since that Thanksgiving’s shindig I’ve toned things down (celebrating for one, errr two, is exhausting) and I have learned to cook more appropriate portions in honor of cleanup. I took pictures of that Thanksgiving so when the next holiday rolls around I’d be sure to remember how celebrating for one, errr two, is or isn’t done and that not ‘every day of the year is the same.’


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