I Remember No. 44 (Videos)

aausefulidiot9“A successful Community Organizer should be an abrasive agent to rub raw the resentments of the people; to fan latent hostilities of many to the point of overt expressions … then steer his group toward confrontation.”

I’ve held my tongue. I thought I’d grown too old and complacent to write about political passions. The fact that they are “passions” is what makes them so difficult. I can hold my peace no more and I suppose that’s in great part because of upcoming Midterm elections in less than two-months.

aausefulidiot3I know up front that nothing I say is going to change a committed mind. I get that. The best I can hope is that it might cause some to rethink what first comes to mind. “Critical thinking,” is what they call it. The ability to ask questions about what we think we know. (If you’ve not seen it yet, “Agenda: Grinding America Down” is an excellent film/source of information. If you have seen it, it is worth watching again.)

Critical thinkers will be interested in the short Yuri Bezmenov interview below. He was an ex-KBG agent. Brainwashing society was his job. It’s easy to follow and discusses how committed a brainwashed mind is when you’re done brainwashing it. When you apply his explanations to some people you know, you begin to gain true understanding.

One of the many excellent points Bezmenov makes is, even if you show proof in printed pictures and words, propagandized minds (“useful idiots”) will not accept anything other than what they’ve been brainwashed to believe.

‘Useful idiot’ is a term for people who’ve been propagandized for a cause, the goals of which they are not fully aware and who are cynically used by the leaders of that cause.

I am so weary of hearing Trump blamed for the country’s divisions. I want to yank whoever says that out of their seat, shake them like my dog’s wobbly-squeak toy, sit them back down and say, eye-to-eye, “Do you Not remember Barrack “Barry” Hussein Obama?

Obama’s sole claim to fame coming into Our presidency was notoriety for being a “Community Organizer.” Most Americans like me said, “Huh, what? What the heck is a ‘Community Organizer?’

“In Rules for Radicals, Alinsky wrote that a successful community organizer should be “an abrasive agent to rub raw the resentments of the people; to fan latent hostilities of many to the point of overt expressions.” Once hostilities were “whipped up to a fighting pitch, the organizer steered his group toward confrontation…” [National Review Abbreviated]

It is a well-established fact today that Obama, his wife and Hillary Clinton are all ardent students of Saul Alinsky as are the majority of Democrats (check out membership rolls in the Socialist Party). Alinksy was a Marxist Communist who developed these class warfare strategies as a means to “fundamentally change” (Obama’s words, not mine) a country’s government. These are deliberate strategies intended to demoralize and to deconstruct a Republic like ours in order to replace it with Socialism.

“The goal of Socialism is Communism.”  [Vladimir Lenin, first leader of the USSR]

Socialism is just as well-known as ‘The’ stepping stone into Communism. That is its purpose. Once you get to Socialism, there’s no turning back. It’s just comfy-sounding filler to get you there. And, Yes, absolutely, the news media is one of the first arsenals Alinsky-Marxists sought to infiltrate (check out “45 Communist Goals”). With all due respect, today’s MSM truly is “fake,” propagandized news (watch the movie).

Following are some of my recollections of this Community Organizer’s past presidency. You tell me who the real Divider is. Just as the Community Organizer is groomed to do by definition, Obama created such gross divisions among Americans that his travesties ARE what made Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan so effective. Obama’s gross incitement of social discord IS what elected President Trump. (Someone needs to tell Hillary.)

classwarThe Obama-years are when Americans saw, for the first time in my over-65 years of life, a foreign country’s immigrants flying their flag above ours on our own taxpaid schoolyard lands … with our American flag upside down beneath for good measure of usefulidiots5insult. At the very same time, American schoolkids who wore a patriotic symbol on their t-shirt were expelled, including those of our flag and of our armed services.

I don’t care where you stand or what country you come from, you do Not dishonor our country and flag nor our citizens (or our schoolchildren or our lands) whose families have paid lifetimes in blood and treasure to make America so great you want to come here in the first place. Then again, I’m just one of those whose generations of ancestors fought American wars and who’s paid taxes my entire adult life.

“America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.” [Joseph Stalin, USSR]

Below is what immigrants were openly threatening circa 2010. The internet apparently cleansed a considerably more vicious video with a big, burly bully describing how they would kill US with their “axes & shovels.” (Minute 0:13) These protests were rampant and the fact that immigrants felt compelled to so openly threaten American citizens’ lives speaks for itself.

When Obama wasn’t inciting immigrants and faux racism with blacks he was over-regulating businesses out of business, from wholesome ma & pa farms to industries like coal. The ones he didn’t drive out of business he drove overseas, you remember them, those that returned to America in droves when President Trump lifted the burdens.

Obama’s years ARE what inflamed divisions in this country today, just as he set out to do, just as any good Community Organizer would set out to do. There can be no argument about that.

aausefulidiotsdDo you not remember Obama refusing to release his birth certificate? A birth certificate, for crying out loud, the most basic of every Americans’ official record to say nothing of a President’s. Why sow those seeds of discord? Or his countless affronts against American law enforcement, starting with the infamous security guard “Beerfest?” Or his Obamacare signature law with all of its slimey back room deals, denying GOP input, after which we all paid dearly for Democrats-only favorite “bridges to nowhere” type of pet projects.

Obama overtly influenced the Treyvon Martin case among others, more than once sending-in his DOJ to influence and instigate. When black on white voter intimidation openly took place Obama maintained a blatantly bigoted stance, going so far as to rewrite DOJ law to disavow whites from pursuing their legal protections.

Unlike President Trump in Charlottesville, who opted to wait to hear facts before taking sides in racial divide and for which he’s been excoriated ever since, Obama did not hesitate to jump-in prematurely with his infamous statement, “If I had a son he’d look like Treyvon … .” It became very clear very quickly during Obama’s years that deteriorating race relations was not only his deliberate intent it was his expertise.

Obama segregated whites as open targets of hostility and used Our IRS to punish innocent GOP groups while giving favor to himself and left-learning organizations. He used his aausefulidiot5Department of Justice to dismiss billy-club-wielding voter intimidations in front of Philadelphia’s polling station. I’ll never forget walking into my own rural Midwest voting place to see Obama literature sitting out on the tables, a flagrant violation of voting laws. That exemplified Obama’s level of arrogance.

Let us not forget the “Occupy” movement, where Democrats brought in aristocrats and paid others to stir income tensions over “1%” high earners. Hoards of people threw tents on taxpayer land and publicly defecated on city streets across our nation, further making slums of residential neighborhoods to say nothing of the escalating crime. Obama encouraged the mayhem with flamboyant rhetoric and did nothing to restore taxpaying Americans’ city or home fronts to them. The chaos was left to simmer until, by pure choice and the passing of time, most of the crowds finally went home.

From the floor of Congress, Obama used threatening street rhetoric with pompous bullying and blatant lies to fan the flames of festering social upheaval rather than making any attempt to calm it. He did nothing for the blacks or for the whites and what little he did ‘for’ immigrants was purely self-interested in garnering a future voting block.

aausefulidiot6Under Obama’s economic policies, not only were unemployment and welfare rolls bursting at the seams while numbers accounting for them were routinely manipulated, consumer prices skyrocketed across the board.

The only thing Obama was good at was throwing Our tax dollar money at an issue, economic collapse being a just as important Community Organizer strategy (watch the “Agenda” movie linked above). It was the first time in lifetimes that many Americans moved-in with family members to make ends meet and that included elderly parents moving-in with their grown kids, as well as their college kids, who’d typically be out on their own by then.

While fanning the fires of these wide-ranging social and economic divides, every time he opened his mouth Obama blamed his predecessor, Bush, for the failings and it’s no surprise that Obama attempts to take credit for this president’s turn around today. We’re to believe it wasn’t Obama’s fault while he was in office and two-later after, when things are booming, our successes all go to his glory. How convenient. In essence Obama is admitting he wasn’t “there” for any of it. He was worse than ‘not being there.’

I, for one, remember the in-between years. Many of US do.

Put on your memory helmets. Don’t forget what most of us would love to forget and understandably so, but do not dare. IMHO there can be no worst president, in thought or deed nor in my lifetime, than was Barrack “Barry” Hussein Obama.

VOTE this November. Give President Donald J. Trump the tools he needs to finish Our job before any more Community Organizing Trainees-In-The-Making take Our country’s reigns and they are looming. God forbid please, but it’s just a matter of time unless this evil (yes, evil, watch the movie) is knocked out of the ring. It only takes one then we’re right back where we started ten-years ago.

Obama’s years were not just a blip on the screen. Those were the very deliberate tactics of Democrat Socialists and what they want to return to. Any critical thinker among us ought to be able to see why (watch the movie).

We aren’t ignorant anymore. What we face going forward couldn’t be more dangerous or more clear.


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