“All of the world is insane but me and thee and I am beginning to worry about thee.” [Plato]


Karen0317_1 JPEGThis is a place to rejuvenate the wounded soul. More often than not we keep learning the same lessons before getting where we need to be. I’ve enough life to render wisdoms if only in reaffirming them to myself. This is a place to figure out the rest and to share what I have learned (am still learning).

As the horse thief said before they hung him, “I’ll never do that again.”

Go to Protected Top Menu to access password-posts, if any. To the right, use Search to lookup posts by words of interest, Archives to scroll through abbreviated posts or Categories for themes. Read An Introduction at the conclusion of Those Darned Negative Voices for more About.

Lighthearted and tender stories are interwoven between considerably serious ones. I love humor but can’t always find it. I hope you stumble across them, categorized as “Lighthearted.”

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Please report link or site glitches in Comments and thank you for reading me!

[This site is thanks to the inspiration of my dear, dear Christian friend, Timothy.]


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