Nights Like This (Music Vids)

doglisteningI cannot go to sleep. My dog doesn’t know if it’s wake-up or go-to-bed time. She runs out to cold-stare me when she thinks she’s heard food, then at regular intervals to sniff my lap in case I snuck something. I should be so alert.

Since I can’t sleep I thought I’d write. Problem is, my cognitive mind is asleep, it’s my subliminal mind that doesn’t want to get along. Wherever I store my creativity, it sure isn’t happenin’ right now. My mind is like running what’s already a V6 on 1 cylinder.

diy2So I checked-out Reader Suggestion Tags to get to thinking about what to write and the wheels began to ever so slowly churn. News flash. ‘DIY’ is no easier to think through than it is to do, especially if you don’t do much DIY.

I thought to myself  … “I load the dishwasher myself … I do laundry myself … .” I was sure that’s not what the Suggestion Conductor had in mind. I couldn’t think of one thing I do that is actually ‘Do It Yourself.’ Try harder, self. I do love to bake diybread and homemade pies, those I do by myself. Maybe I’ve hit on something. Now what do I do with it. My cognitive mind is not keeping up with this task.

I tried water painting once. I did better art in grade school. At least that was supposed to look like a grade schooler’s.

I used to sew. That’s a DIY thing. I’ve made clothing and done an alright job of it, but my favorite things were Halloween costumes. Partially because they’re so creative and partially because it doesn’t matter if they fit just right. Does a “used to” DIY count?

dofstareMy poor dog doesn’t know which end is up: Whether it’s wake-up time or go-to-bed time so she keeps jumping from her sleep to cold-stare me every time she thinks she hears a crunch or the rattle of a food wrapper. Every once in a while she gets up just to sniff my lap for crumbs, in case I snuck something while she napped. I should be so alert.

I figure it’s about four hours until stores open. Then I have a reason to get out for some fresh air. That assumes, by then, I am reasonably functioning. Oh – that’s something else I do by myself. Shop. That doesn’t count, I know, I know.

It’s much colder today, which is really weird after so much high heat and humidity. I thought for sure this night air would knock me on my keister. What does it take to put diylaundthis keister down? Hey [light bulb moment]! That sounds like a song. I could DIY writing a ‘put my keister down’ song. I think that verges on plagiarism. Later. Maybe.

I should DIY laundry. At least that’d be productive. I do fold it, you know, and there is a talent to that. Oh, and I do the stain stick things first. I think laundry should count as a DIY. Half a DIY? Aww, come on. Give me a break, I’m having a rough night.

In the background I have Simon & Garfunkel singing “Homeward Bound,” where everything is waiting silently for them. I notice they don’t mention laundry, but, after all, they did write a few songs of their own.

Oh here’s a good beat. This beat makes me want to dance. I cannot hold my shoulders still (try it when listening to this). My keister won’t budge but these shoulders are a-rockin’! And yes, that’s something I do well by myself. I know, shoulder dancing does not a DIY make.

Now if I can just keep these shoulders rockin’ for another three hours I should be fine for that outing to shop. Mama told me there’d be … .


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