Movie Night ~ “Agenda: Grinding America Down” (Full Video)

agendaPop some popcorn, pour a soft drink and click.

It’s the time of year for movie nights. Below is a 1-1/2 hour true story that’s entertaining and educational. If you’re interested in God & family and America, you will be interested in this movie. Bookmark and add it to your “Movie Night” list … and be sure to invite your young people.

“Agenda” is a remarkably moving film for those who remember the 1960s and it will be as enlightening for everyone between then and now. You’ll have more than one “A-Ha!” moment, with the filmmaker incorporating concise graphics and captivating history into this true storyline. The narrator makes it entertaining for adults and easy-watching for teenagers-on-up.

Don’t be misled by the black & white introduction. It’s colorful and packed with food for the imagination. This film is especially relevant today, referencing minute 20’s quote, “The goal of Socialism is Communism.” 

Pop some popcorn, pour a soft drink and click. There is no better time than before this November 6th.

(I didn’t find a clean YouTube full-version [without subtitles], which is how videos are embedded here on WordPress. A clean movie CD can be purchased, of course, and I encourage that.)


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